Sint & Piet Banners for Sale

So I would like to start my first post about handmade gifts with something very unique. Even though my husband (referred to as “the Dutchman” in this blog), and I have not been blessed with children yet, we still celebrate Sinterklaas, or “Dutch Santa.” You can read the previous post below for the history of Sinterklaas and his helper, Zwarte Piet.

This year, I wanted to make our celebration of Sinterklaas more memorable. I made a banner, or vaantjes, that will herald Sint and Piet’s arrival to our home.


I had so much fun making it for my family that I will be happy to make one for yours as well. Whether you are a Nederlander having a difficult time finding Sinterklaas items in America, or if you just want to incorporate a new culture into your family, this banner is perfect for your St. Nicholas’ Eve celebration on December 5th. 

All banners are handmade. Each flag is made of muslin and accented with cotton fabric in bright, cheery colors. Fabric colors and design may vary depending on fabric availability. Red bias tape makes up the cording, and ample cording is used so you have plenty of cording to hang your banner. Also, since the banner is made from fabric, it is reusable!

Each banner says “Sint & Piet,” and depicts Sinterklaas’ staff and bishop’s hat, a gift box, Zwarte Piet’s colorful hat with a feather, and a wooden shoe with carrots for Amerigo



Each banner is $40 plus shipping and handling costs. To order one of these handmade banners, just leave me a comment and we can go from there!

 (Shipping Information and Other Details)

E-mail me your address and I will send you the shipping cost to your address. I ship items via the United States Postal Service. Addresses in the continental United States usually receive their items in 2-3 business days. Outside of the continental United States, delivery times vary).

All sales are final. Returns not available.

To order one of these handmade banners, just leave a comment and I will contact you right away!



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