Setting the Agenda

I am a sucker for notebooks. I remember when my mom took me  shopping for school supplies, and every year I would pick out college-ruled, spiral-bound notebooks in every color I could find. As an adult I switched to agendas,  but instead of taking notes on math assignments and writing notes to my friends, now I keep up with what bills to pay and what groceries to pick up on the way home from work.

I picked up my 2009 agenda in The Netherlands, and I love starting each week looking  at pictures of windmills, modern architecture, beautiful canal houses, and amazing farmland. However, we are only eight weeks away from ringing in the new year. It’s agenda time.

My friend K and I decided to trek it over to Atlanta today for some girl time. We visited our usual list of shops in Lenox Mall, and of course, Anthropologie was at the top of our list.

I could live in Anthropologie. Their textiles are amazing, and don’t even get me started on the plates, bowls, serving platters, and cups and saucers. As I took a mental inventory of everything I wanted to purchase, I stumbled on the “Sale” section. Now I am not one to pass up a bargain, but I didn’t need an oversized wooden serving spoon, an Asian-inspired wooden apple, or heavy silver metal letters in K, Q, X or Z. However, while I was looking through the books and calendars, I found a book stuck in the middle of the stack that immediately stopped me in my tracks…a silkscreened agenda with pumpkin-colored letters, accented in birds and leaves in robin’s egg blue, charcoal and fern green.

Now I don’t know about you, but picking out an annual agenda or calendar is a very personal thing. I must have space to write important birthdays and anniversaries, pencil in weddings I will coordinate during wedding season, and of course, a place to doodle my transparent boxes and wavy lines during boring meetings. This agenda from Sukie looked pretty promising.


As I flipped through this book, it had everything I could ever imagine in an agenda: an undated weekly calendar, plain and lined paper, glassine pockets to hold business cards, receipts and notes, tear-off postcards and business cards,


and sticker sheets!


Sold! I’m ready for 2010.

Coming this week: New sewing projects.

(Photos courtesy of Sukie)


One thought on “Setting the Agenda

  1. I didn’t know you had a blog! I am a blog junkie! And the top post is on agendas! I am a school supply/calendar agenda freak! I say freak because when I find the perfect one, I don’t actually want to write in it and “mess it up”; I want to keep it in it’s pristine state forever! I’m weird like that! Anyway, congrats on yor blog. Looking forward to more posts.

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