It’s Been a Long Time…

So it’s been almost a year since I have updated my blog. Ouch. Time really does fly by.

That said, here are some things that have been going on:

1. I finally learned how to crochet. Now I have a fabric and yarn obsession, and I must stop at every quilt shop, yarn shop, or somewhat crafty-looking store we go by. My husband is so thrilled…
2. Losing your job to budget cuts and outsourcing is a scary thing, especially in this economy. However, I am so excited about the new job opportunity to come (whatever and wherever that may be).
3. The Avett Brothers, Kings of Convenience, and Ben Folds are still on a heavy rotation on my iPod. Hey, it may not be Lady Gaga but it works for me.
4. Tim Gunn rocks.
5. People may laugh at you when you tell them you are taking a cheese-making class, but they sure don’t mind eating the cheese you make once you have learned how to make it. Also, homemade cultured butter is the most amazing thing ever. Ever.
6. I have way too much blue fabric.
7. Veggie burgers, quinoa, and bacon jam, (yes, bacon jam) are really good if you give them a chance. Just don’t eat them all at the same time.
8. No matter how many weddings I direct, that first kiss between husband and wife is always magical.
9. Nigella Lawson is as beautiful, warm and friendly in-person as she is on TV. And for the men: Yes, her chest is that amazing in real-life, too.
10. My magazine addiction has only gotten worse. Now add all of the craft blogs that I read to my reading list, and I definitely waste way too much time reading about trashy celebrities and awesome crafts I will never make. I guess it could be worse.