I have a new obsession…

Crochet. Who would have believed it?

Until recently, whenever I heard the word “crochet” I always thought of those terribly garish granny square blankets made of itchy wool that always seemed to be folded on the back of my friends’ grandmothers’ couches. Well, let me put it this way, crochet has come a long way, baby.

All rights reserved by colourmad1

All rights reserved by colourmad1 (via Flickr)

There are many great videos on YouTube you can watch that will teach you the different stitches needed in crochet. I like that I can pause and rewind in the middle of a clip and really try to learn how to accurately make a stitch that I am learning. I have made two scarves just using the single crochet stitch. With Christmas right around the corner, when is a better time to learn something new that can be turned into a special homemade gift?

If you are looking for some inspiration, or just want to see some amazing crochet work, check out these blogs:

Attic 24


Sarah London Textiles

Wood & Wool Stool

Emma Lamb

Have fun!


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