Hot Fun in the Summertime

A friend of mine sent me a note on Facebook, and I thought this was too good not to pass along:

Alright, it’s already super hot.  Every other Facebook status update I read is complaining about the heat.  And it’s not even ACTUALLY summer yet.  As I was reading them, I thought “When I was a kid, summer was awesome.  It was what we LIVED for! So, I decided to do that again. Yep, at the ripe old age of 34, I’m gonna quit bitching about summertime and make it a good thing. 

What was your favorite summer activity as a kid?  The ice cream truck that came through the neighborhood?  Building forts with the neighborhood kids?  Give me your ideas and I’ll try them. My goal: to do an idea a day (I do get Sundays off) until Labor Day.  They can be little things.  They can be big things!

Laser Show at Stone Mountain Park (image courtesy of Jimmy Baikovicius)

Is that not a great idea? So here are a few of mine:

  1. Eating my Mom’s homemade peach ice cream straight out of the ice cream maker. I can remember the sweetness of the peaches against the faintest taste of rock salt that would sometimes sneak its way into the top of the ice cream container as it churned away.
  2. Splashing in the rain puddles that pooled in our driveway after a quick downpour.
  3. Picking up the most pennies on the bottom of the pool and being crowned “Penny Queen” for the day during swim lessons at the neighbor’s pool.
  4. Going to the local Dairy Queen with my Dad and getting a grape Misty or a chocolate dipped cone. After we ate our treat and played on the playground, we would ride home with the windows down with the warm, humid summer air whipping around us. We always had to get home before the Atlanta Braves game started. The Braves may not have been so great in the 80s, but my Dad always made sure he was home to cheer them on as they played in Fulton County Stadium.  
  5. Sitting on Memorial Lawn and being mesmerized by the images from the Lasershow at Stone Mountain Park, all building up to the big finale of fireworks!
  6. Watching lightning from a far away storm while sitting on the dock of my aunt and uncle’s lake house on Kingsley Lake.
  7. Peaches, strawberries, watermelon, warm homemade peach cobbler and ice cream, tomato sandwiches, Sliver Queen corn, Vidalia onions, Mom’s piping hot pound cake straight from the oven, three-bean salad, candy necklaces, penny candy and ice pops.
  8. Watching “Days of Our Lives” with my mom as she folded laundry. I couldn’t leave to go to my swim lessons until 1:56p.m. Monday-Friday, as this is the time “Days” ends each day. While Patch and Kayla, Jack and Jennifer, and Shane and Kimberly may have moved away from Salem, I am glad to see the rivalry between Stefano DiMera and Victor Kiriakis is still going strong.
  9. Playing tag outside with my friends until the streetlights came on. Then we would catch fireflies as our parents talked about the latest neighborhood gossip.
  10. Going to visit my grandparents. I can still feel my Papa, or “The Crusher,” giving me one of his famous bear hugs and my Grandmother telling my Dad to “put some stockings on me so my feet won’t catch cold,” in spite of the blazing summer heat outside.

These are just a few of the countless memories that I have of summer. Do you have a couple that you want to share? Then leave a comment or two here and I will pass them along to Dawn, or you can post your suggestions and follow Dawn’s adventures at Summer of Dawn. Good luck Dawn, and since you are a child of the 80s, don’t forget to wear some Jams! Yes, that is me and my brother rockin’ some Jams shorts (circa 1985, I think). My Mom is going to kill me when she sees I posted this photo. :0)


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