You’ve Got Mail…Trick-or-Treat!

My name is Ashley, and I am addicted to Pinterest. There, I said it. If you aren’t familiar with Pinterest, it is an online pin board to post and share your favorite things. I promise you, once you get started pinning to your boards, you can’t stop.

This weekend has been a Pinterest weekend. So far, I have tried out a recipe for Nutella dip, a recipe for baked zucchini sticks and sweet onion dip, and made 13 ounces or less mail. The recipes turned out great, but wait…What was that last one? Let me explain.

Take one of these…

…add these items (forgive the bad quality of the photos, I was using my cell phone):

…and voilá! You have these:

Next question: What the heck are these? These bottles are filled with Halloween gifts to mail to my niece and some friends with little ones back in Athens. Since they can’t come and trick-or-treat at our new house four hours away, I thought I would mail Halloween goodies to them.

I wanted to mail something that would be a surprise the moment they opened their mailboxes, so I started looking around on Pinterest for ideas. I ran across this great pin called “13 ounces or less,” which linked me back to this fabulous post on Giverslog about thinking outside of the box –literally– when it comes to mail. I had no idea you could actually mail a rubber ball, flip-flops, plastic Easter eggs, and water bottles filled with toys and candy in the mail!

For my Halloween-themed mail, I included chocolate eyeballs, butterscotch, candy corn, chocolate coins, pencils, stickers and activity books. It was a lot of fun to do, but let me give you a little advice if you try this:

  • Use a water bottle with a flat bottom. I tried using an empty Coke bottle and an empty Cheerwine bottle, but the grooves and curves of the bottles kept shifting things around. SmartWater bottles would probably work best.
  • Cut a slit vertically in the middle of the bottle to insert the larger items. It was easier to start inserting larger items and then add the smaller items. Cover the slit with clear packing tape once all of the items are in the bottle, and then stick the mailing label around the center of the bottle.
  • You can mail items that are 13 ounces or less as first-class mail. I weighed each filled bottle at 9 ounces a piece and calculated the postage on the USPS website. I can mail each bottle for less than three dollars!
  • Be careful! I scratched up my hands a good bit inserting all of the toys and candy in just the right places, so I suggest using some long tweezers or even a hemostat to help push and pull items in to place.

I hope my favorite little ones enjoy their trick-or-treat by mail. Happy Halloween!


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